En iyi arkadaşı öldürülen, sağır ve dilsiz kız kardeşi tecavüze uğrayan Brenda, eline arbaleti alıp yapılanların intikamını almaya başlar.

Savage Streets (1984) Action, Crime, Drama | 1h 33min | 1985 (Turkey) 6.3
Director: Danny Steinmann, Tom DeSimoneWriters: Norman Yonemoto, Danny SteinmannStars: Linda Blair, John Vernon, Robert DryerSummary: After a night out in the streets of L.A., the lively high school student, Brenda, and her all-girl team, The Satins, decide to play an innocent prank on the brutal street gang of dope-dealers, The Scars. But, before long, Brenda's beloved deaf-mute sister, Heather, catches the eye of their vicious leader, Jake, who, with the help of his companions, sexually assault the defenceless girl, leaving her for dead as payback. Now, there's no turning back, and as blood demands more blood, a deadly Brenda sets out on a violent journey of retribution to settle the score. Her friends are some lethal bear traps and a mighty crossbow. Who can stand in the way of the leather-clad female avenger? Written by Nick Riganas


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